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SendLater is a convenient e-mail scheduler allowing you to handle your e-mail correspondence
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20 November 2009

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With the ever-increasing client base and bulging service providers’ list, it’s getting increasingly difficult for the modern businessmen to set up personalized communication with each of them. The situation is further being worsened by the absentmindedness. The modern cut-throat competition, however, doesn’t allow for missing even a single beat. So, it would be a smart move to pass on your communication related onus to some proficient application. The SendLater 2.0 is one such tool that helps you with effectual emailing assistance. It’s actually an e-mail scheduler which allows the user to set the time when he/she wants. The software does not forget to send emails even if the user is away from the computer. The user can prepare all email notifications and reminders in advance and schedule them for delivery on some desirable time. Whenever you create a new email you will get an option where you can choose a particular time when you want to send the message.

The SendLater 2.0 opens with a stylish blue and a cream color interface which is likely to appeal to busy professionals for its neat design sense. This software allows the user to schedule the date and time for the Microsoft outlook email message to be sent later. The send later option doesn’t allow the user to forget the important events such as birthdays, anniversaries as well as holiday greetings. This software can also send mails to a group by not showing it other recipients. The user can also send bulk emails at time interval by using split email sending option. This amazing application only supports Windows 7 and Outlook 2010. The user can edit the message before they have been scheduled for sending. The software allows the user to see the list of pending emails which have been scheduled later. The user can attach as many the documents as well as the folders for the outgoing mails. The software comes with a detailed help menu which helps the user to understand the application properly and they can also send in their feedbacks as well as can check for the updates of the software.

The SendLater incorporates an intuitive interface and simplified features that don’t necessitate users to have any sort of technical skills on their part. The software has justifiably been assigned with 3 rating points for its ability to carry out the email scheduling task with tremendous ease.

Publisher's description

SendLater is a convenient e-mail scheduler allowing you to handle your e-mail correspondence in a timely manner even if you are away from your computer. Your computer will never forget to send an important business or personal message. Prepare all your email notifications and reminders, greetings in advance and schedule requrrence their delivery. As long as your computer is online, your e-mail will be sent automatically even Outlook is not running. The program is easy to install and easy to handle. Each time you reply or create a new e-mail message, you will be able to choose a particular time and recurrence for your PC to send your message. Just click the "SendLater" icon on the toolbar and select the sending time using time-and-date/recurrence selector. Click "Send later" and your message will be scheduled for that time/recurrence and saved in the "Send Later" folder. Be sure that it will be sent exactly at the time and recurrence of your choice. And at any time, you can open the "Send Later" folder and edit, remove or send your messages manually. You can specify the bulk of e-mails and the time interval for the split e-mail sending. "Send Now" feature now allows you to send e-mails from the Internet pages "mailto:" links, Office or other programs right away, without opening Outlook.
The "Grab File" feature for attachments: automatically "grabs" the last-modified document from you specified location. The "Ignore file" list and "Ignore hidden and system files" feature: allows for ignoring the unwanted files to be "grabbed".
SendLater examples of use:
- No more reminders needed. Schedule repetitive emails at daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly intervals.
- Monthly billing notifications
- direct marketing letters and reports
- routine company meetings reminders
- never miss birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday greetings and etc.
Version 2.20
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